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For media links (July 17-present) about the DocumentingIan-produced “Boys for Sale”,
please see the Press page on the “Boys for Sale” website.

***Filmmaking in the Grey Zone: An interview with Ian Thomas Ash
December 1, 2017 by Andrew Deck for Metropolis Magazine

***The making of a Twitter documentary: The last wish of Mr. Hata
November 29, 2016, Number 1 Shimbun (Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan)

*** Mr. Hata and T, a father and son: a dying father reunited with his son after thirty years
April 11, 2016, published on Storify by Ian Thomas Ash

Needs of post-3/11 Tohoku stay in focus for filmmakers
March 11, 2016, Japan Times

*** WHS grad’s film about life and death opens Saturday’s Snowtown Film Festival
January 24, 2016, Watertown Daily Times

October 5, 2015, 国際コミュニケーションアーツ学院(GCAI)

September 12, 2015, Voice of America Chinese edition

August 29, 2015, 朝日新聞digital

*** Filmmakers Ash and Kamanaka discuss radiation, secrets and lives
ARTICLE  May 13, 2015, The Japan Times
VIDEO  May 13, 2015, DocumentingIan Channel

(VIDEO) Self-censorship & Fukushima: Press Conference at Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan
May 12, 2015, FCCJ Channel
*** RELATED Reading: Violent far-left extremists in Fukushima? 中核派と福島
May 12, 2015, DocumentingIan Blog

April 6, 2015 「GCAのカタチ」新しいグローバル・コミュニケーションの形

***Film Review of ‘In the Grey Zone’ (2012) and ‘A2-B-C’ (2013)
Autumn 2014, Education About Asia (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA)

Film review: Ian Thomas Ash’s “-1287”
December 9, 2014, The Lost Notebook Returns

A2-B-C: Voices from Fukushima draw strong responses at L.A. screening
December 2, 2014, The Rafu Shimpo (USA)

(A2-B-C) 報道されない福島の「声」
November 20, 2014, The Rafu Shimpo (USA)

(Article and VIDEO) Festival features PSUC alumnus’ films
November 17, 2014, Cardinal Points (USA)

Vermonters! Cross the Lake to See Some Movies in Plattsburgh
November 13, 2014 Seven days (USA)

International Film Festival debuts at Strand
November 12, 2014, Press Republican (USA)

(VIDEO) ‘- 1287’ Q&A at 2014 Raindance Film Festival
October 27, 2014, by Raindance Film Festival (UK)

***Japan’s Foreign Filmmakers: ‘Weastern’ Cinema?
October 2014, article by Ian Thomas Ash for Raindance Film Festival Catalogue (UK)

‘A2-B-C’, The Truth about Fukushima in a New Film by Ian Thomas Ash
October 23, 2014, (USA)

October 10, 2014 シネマトゥデイ ニュース

INTERVIEW: Ian Thomas Ash
October 6, 2014, New Bloom Magazine (Taiwan)

(VIDEO) ‘-1287’ Director Ian Thomas Ash Interview
October 3, 2014, 22nd Raindance Film Festival (UK)

Raindance Film Festival – Review + Q&A -1287 ★★★
October 3, 2014 Critics Associated

(VIDEO) Tim Mousseau: Fukushima Catastrophe and its Effects on Wildlife
August 22, 2014, Ian Thomas Ash moderates FCCJ press conference (Japan)

June 20, 2014, Cinema Today (Japan)

Fukushima Discrimination Film ‘A2-B-C’ Encourages International Discrimination of Fukushima
June 11, 2014, アサ芸プラス (Japan)

Review of A2-B-C
May 2014, Tokyo Weekender (Japan)

***Documenting Disaster in Fukushima
Review of In ‘The Grey Zone’ (2012) and ‘A2-B-C’ (2013)
May 12, 2014 Asian Educational Media Service (USA)

May 10, 2014, Web Neo (Japan)

(ARTICLE) 福島の子供たちに、今何が起きているのか? 映画「A2-B-C」が描き出す現実
May 5, 2014, Time Line Radio (Japan)

(VIDEO) 映画 「A2-B-C」イアン・トーマス・アッシュ監督インタビュー
May 1, 2014, Japan Docs (Japan)

***A2-B-C review
May 1, 2014, Japan Times (Japan)

April 15, 2014, (Japan)

フィルムメーカー イアン・トーマス・アッシュさんインタビュー
March 18, 2014, Catalog House (Japan)

March 14, 2014,  映画.com (Japan)

(VIDEO) 2013 Nippon Connection Documentary
March 8, 2014, Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival (Germany)

***Interpreting Secrets (German with English translation)
March 2014, article by Ian Thomas Ash for IPPNW Magazine (Germany)

鄭有傑播福島核災片 近千反核民眾齊聲援
March 1, 2014, Liberty Times (Taiwan)

(VIDEO) 公視晚間新聞 福島核災屆三年 兒童罹癌數漸增
February 28, 2014, PTS (Taiwan)

(VIDEO) [不要核四、五六運動] 第51集 – Ian Thomas Ash & 鄭有傑 (A2-B-C 映後座談)
February 28, 2014 (Taiwan)

***To Convey Truth and Protect Our Children
An Interview with ‘A2-B-C’ director Ian Thomas Ash

November 2013, Yamagata Int Doc FF (JAPAN)

『A2-B-C』イアン・トーマス・アッシュ 監督インタビュー

2013年11月、山形国際documentary映画祭 (Japan)

November 7, 2013, Excite News (Japan)

Zachować ciszę. Wywiad z Ianem Thomasem Ashem
November 6, 2013, HATAK (Poland)

The Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima: Danger, Deception and Betrayal
November 4, 2013, review of ‘A2-B-C’ in the Huffington Post

October 9, 2013, Nishitaka Film Review
October 15, 2013 The Trash Bash

(VIDEO) Q&A after UK Premier of ‘A2-B-C’
October 1, 2013, Raindance Film Festival (UK)

Guam International Film Festival Announces Its Winners
October 1, 2013, PDN (Guam)

***Filmmaker revisits the children of Fukushima’s ‘Grey Zone’
September 10, 2013, The Japan Times (Tokyo)

Filmmaker documents unseen threat
September 1, 2013, The Press Republican (NY)

Filmmaker Spotlight: ‘A2-B-C’
September 1, 2013, for the 2013 Guam International Film Festival

Press conference and screening of ‘A2’
May 13, 2013, official FCCJ press release (Tokyo)

Japanese Disaster Films Highlight Victims’ Stories
February 27, 2013, AP